EDR Spport Service

When a car accident occurs the EDR data can provide you easy to understand and visualized report ……IN YOUR HANDS IN A FEW SECONDS!

(Compatible with EDR read by Bosch CDR)

If you want to know the data at the time of the accident, or
full support for analysts who are analyzing EDR data!

※EDR(Event Data Recorder)
※CDR(Crash Data Retrieval)

What’s EDR Data?

It is an Event Data Record
The device called EDR is mainly mounted on the airbag control module.
Its records information of vehicle accident or crashes.
EDR records information on vehicle's speed, engine RPM, accelerator opening, shift position, brake operation, steering angle, seat belt wear,acceleration at collision etc. for about 5 seconds before the collision when it detects an impact exceeding the threshold.
This data is EDR data.
If it compares with an aircraft, it is a system like flight data.

EDR Data

EDR Support Service is an easy-to-understand and visualized report.

“EDR Support Service support” visualizes the CDR report by Bosch provides you an easy to understand report that visualizes vehicle condition data at the time of an accident (when the airbag is deployed or when an impact exceeding a threshold is detected).
If you use our report, you can improve the efficiency of analytics in accident data analysis.Then, we believe that it leads to reducing serious traffic accidents.The mission of EDR Support Service is to visualize the status of traffic accidents in an easy-to-understand form.

※ Visualization of EDR data is patented in Japan.
Title of Invention: Collision Visualization Device, and Program
Patent No.:Patent No. 6437166

※ EDR data visualization supervised
Yokohama National University
Instrumental Analysis and Evaluation Center
Associate Professor Makoto Tanimura

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