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Visualization of accident data

“EDR Data Visualization of EDR Support Service” supports data visualization to improve the efficiency of analytics operations in accident data analysis.

※ Visualization of EDR data is patented in Japan.
Title of Invention: Collision Visualization Device, and Program
Patent No.:Patent No. 6437166

※ EDR data visualization supervised
Yokohama National University
Instrumental Analysis and Evaluation Center
Associate Professor Makoto Tanimura


Compatible with Bosch CDR(Crash Data Retrieval)

Upload EDR data (CSV data) read by Bosch's CDR to EDR Support Service and generate a report that visualizes EDR data in an easy-to-understand format.

Supported maker:Toyota
Supported version:Gen. 3


Source:From the Bosch website "News and Stories" https://corporate.bosch.co.jp/news-and-stories/apcj-2018/apcj-2018-aa-01/

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