Price plan

Limited time beta version special rate plan

75% OFF for official release fee

The beta version is a special limited-time charge for those who cooperate with report output verification.

(beta version)Basic plan

75% OFF for official release fee

¥9,950(excluding tax)

(Available times:1 Times)

(Official version)
¥39,800(excluding tax)planned

(beta version)Standard plan

75% OFF for official release fee

¥48,700(excluding tax)

(Available times:5 Times)

(Official version)
¥194,800(excluding tax)planned

(beta version)Pro plan

75% OFF for official release fee

¥94,500(excluding tax)

(Available times:10 Times)

(Official version)
¥378,000(excluding tax)planned

※ The ticket is valid for 30 days from the issue date.

We will start providing a beta version to broadly identify problems with the report function.

Beta versions contain incomplete parts of the official release, so we'll brush up your request for inquiries, including bug reports and how to read reports from beta users.

For the beta version, instead of cooperating with the verification, we will provide three beta version tickets at the beta version special price after the official version release.

Please note that the beta version is premised on cooperating with the verification.

The beta version will be discontinued when the official version is released.

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